Morgh-e Torsh | Persian sour chicken and green herb stew

Morgh-e Torsh is the Persian sour chicken and green herb stew. The dish comes from Gilan with its magical green herbs! The sour taste of Morgh-e Torsh along with its magnificent odour will probably take one to the heart of Iran, Gilan. This simple dish is full of flavours and you cannot go wrong giving […]

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Baghali polo | Persian rice with dill and broad beans

Baghali is Farsi for Broad Beans, Combined with fresh finely chopped dill along with aromatic rice make a very delicious meal called Baghali Polo. Ingredients for Baghali polo Like most other Persian polo recipes Baghali Polo has only a few ingredients. All you need is rice, fresh or dried dill, broad beans, oil, salt and […]

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Loobia Polo | Persian Green Bean Rice Recipe

Loobia Polo is one of Persian’s famous dishes. A Delicious combination of green bean, rice, and meat, forms a popular one-dish meal among most Iranians. This simple, easy to make comfort dish has such gorgeously rich developed flavors that do not need a long preparation nor need many ingredients. A typical busy Persian mom would […]

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Persian Eggplant Dip – Kashke Bademjan

Persian Eggplant Dip – Kashke Bademjan is my first choice when it comes to cooking an easy Persian dish or side dish for a lot of people. Especially when they are vegetarian, gluten-free or do not like rice-based meals. Kashke Bademjan is a combination of two main ingredients; Kashk, a type of dairy product with […]

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15 Popular Vegetarian Persian Dishes You Must Try!

There are plenty of  Persian vegetarian dishes one must try upon visiting Iran. Persian cuisine is a whole lot more than kebabs and lamb chops. There is a misconception that Iranian food is very meaty. Although the majority of households in Iran often cook with meat and poultry, vegetarian meals have always been on demand […]

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