Khoresh Karafs | Persian Celery Stew

-Khoresh Karafs or Persian celery stew is a unique green dish in Persian cuisine due to its spectacular flavour of herbs. A combination of celery, herbs and lemon juice makes this food one of a kind. I am very fond of celery in every food, and I believe Khorsht Karafs exaggerates the incredible taste of […]

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Adas Polo | Persian Rice with Lentils

Adas is the Persian word for Lentils, along with Polo, the aromatic Persian rice combined with different types of meat or chicken, raisins and dates, making the delicious combination of Adas Polo or Persian Rice with Lentils. You can find this saffron-flavored main dish served during different Persian gatherings, ranging from a simple family gathering to […]

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Adasi | Persian Lentil Soup

Adasi is a Persian soup that can be served as a warm dish for breakfast or a light dinner. Adas is the Persian word for lentil and Adasi is an appetizing dish made with lentils. Since 8000 years ago that archaeologists found lentils in ancient cities of Central Asia and the Middle East, lentils were […]

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Persian pastry | Esfahan’s sweet souvenirs

Iranians love sweet things, as a result, they have special kinds of pastry for every occasion. Whether it is New Year’s fest or a national mourning gathering, there is always a Persian pastry or some other sweets playing a role. Almost every region in Iran has its own pastry in its local cuisine. Therefore you […]

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Best Places to Eat in Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar is one of the most popular tourist spots of the city, as well as one of the major business hub in Iran. You could easily lose track of time while window shopping and sooner than you think it is time to eat! But where is the best place to eat, between the […]

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