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Give your taste buds a Persian Adventure.

Due to Persia’s geocraphical location and the many invasions and conquests of the mighty Persian empire, today’s Persian cuisine is enriched with tastes and flavours of Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Caucasian, Turkish, Indian, Greek and Arabic gastronomy.

At Persian Food Tours we offer half-day food adventures, making it perfect to add to even the tightest schedules in Tehran. We’re here to promote Iran’s culinary culture, share the secrets of a Persian kitchen and enrich your trip to Iran with one tasty memory.

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A trip to Iran is not complete without some experience and knowledge of the country’s gastronomy and cuisine. Book your next foodie tour now!

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Matin LashkariCo-founder

Matin is a Graphic Designer by degree and a traveler at heart. She’s professional travel blogger at Travestyle, freelance writer and the girl behind Persian Food Tours’ PR, design and website. She’s also the guide for our culinary walks and bazaar wanders.

Shirin TahananCo-Founder

Shirin has a background in fine arts but her love and passion for cooking has brought her knowledge of arts to the table instead of the canvas. She runs regular cooking courses at her own kitchen and is Persian Food Tours’ cooking instructor and recipe developer.


See what our former clients are saying about us.

This project provides a superb Persian culinary experience in which, after an interesting visit to a traditional market, we began the preparation of a complete 5-course meal. Although expensive, it is a must-do activity for all who visit Tehran and want to do something unforgettable.

Mario J

We had a great time chatting and joking and left with great memories of our hosts and the food. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to learn more about Iranian culture and food from some lovely knowledgable locals.

Madelene M

What a way to experience Iranian cuisine! Matin and Shirin do an amazing job and as they both speak perfect English, it makes it that much better. If you really like cooking, want to cook and eat traditional Iranian food then Persian Food Tours is for you!

Chris H

One of Tehran's top Activities listed by the Lonely Planet

Along with 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor, Persian Food Tours was listed as one of Tehran’s top 7 activities by the Lonely Planet in 2017 – named along some of the country’s most precious landmarks such as Golestan palace.

Here at PFT, we are determined to keep everything at world-standard and give recognition to Persian cuisine by sending back happy clients as ambassadors of Persian food to different parts of the world.

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