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Give your taste buds a Persian Adventure.

At Persian Food Tours we offer half-day food adventures, making it perfect to add to even the tightest schedules in Iran. We’re here to promote Iran’s culinary culture, share the secrets of the Persian kitchen and enrich your trip to Iran with one tasty memory.

We’ll take you away from the touristy trail to our favourite local haunts, grant you the experience of hands-on cooking classes and guide you through undiscovered neighbourhoods while you nibble on delectable local specialities.

Our guides are passionate storytellers who will educate about not only local food but architecture and history, satisfying the most curious travellers.

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This project provides a superb Persian culinary experience in which, after an interesting visit to a traditional market, we began the preparation of a complete 5-course meal. Although expensive, it is a must-do activity for all who visit Tehran and want to do something unforgettable.

Mario J

We had a great time chatting and joking and left with great memories of our hosts and the food. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to learn more about Iranian culture and food from some lovely knowledgable locals.

Madelene M

What a way to experience Iranian cuisine! Matin and Shirin do an amazing job and as they both speak perfect English, it makes it that much better. If you really like cooking, want to cook and eat traditional Iranian food then Persian Food Tours is for you!

Chris H

Persian Food Blog

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